Board of Directors

These are the residents currently volunteering on the board. The board is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (usually healed in March). Please contact the President if you wish to serve on the board or volunteer to help the Association in any other way.

Position Officer E-mail Phone (352)
President Carl Henriksen 258-0012
Vice President Chris Dervinis 318-3295
Treasurer Carol Sarisky 372-6707
Director, Architecture and Covenants Jon Allen 328-9459
Director, Community Relations Marlie Taylor 375-8847
Director, Grounds Neal Spencer 327-1123
Director, Building and Recreation Facilities Martha McDonald 283-6279
Recording Secretary Erin Smith 377-2773
Corresponding Secretary Tina Bassi 336-9270
Newsletter Editor Mariana Kirst 665-4220